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Irrespective of the legal services related to your issue at hand, you can count on us for clear, comprehensive guidance and advice. To ensure you get the correct information and relevant legal support, find our solicitor who specialises and has relevant experience in the field in which you need.

Our team of experienced and fully qualified lawyers, being expert in their respective fields can provide you with service tailored to your needs. From family law, property disputes, criminal cases etc, you can be assured that we are always there be of assistance, here today and in future.

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Fully qualified lawyers in Johor Bahru

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What to look when trying to find a lawyer

  • Years of legal experiences in the relevant field
  • Accreditations from recognised law bodies
  • Clear costing and fees
  • Recommendations from our clients

This firm specializes in family law. Our other branches are sksong.com, legitlawyer.com, lawfirmjb.com, lawyersjb.com, lawyerjb.com