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Ask us questions

What are your fees?

The fees are depends on the services you made because each services has different fees.

How can I contact your office?

You may contact us at 07-334 2188/ 9452 or email us at [email protected]

What is your area of practice?

Our area of practice include;
1. Constitutional, Public and Administrative Law
2. Corporate and Commercial Dispute
3. Defamation
4. Employment
5. Family Law
6. Land Acquisition
7. Real Estate/Property Lawyer
8. Trust, Wills and Estates

How I can send email from the website?

You can click on “Contact Us” and fill in the feedback form and thereafter simply click “Send” and it should reach us.

Could I ask you to recommend a lawyer to me? I need a good lawyer to represent me?

Yes. You can check on “Our Team” menu because we have six experience lawyers that can help.

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